Progressive Rock

There are some things by their nature that are very subjective. For instance music is probably one of the most subjective topics I know. I love progressive rock. Some people will automatically say they hate that genre of music. My goal as a writer is not to confront you and say look Progrock is where it's at, and if you can't see that you must be an idiot. My goal as a writer is to get you to see why people in general like progressive rock.

This is my opinion, I love progressive rock. There's too much of this three guitars and a drummer crap out there calling itself rock and roll.

This is my story: Many people tired with the main stream three guitars and a drummer brand of rock music discovered the extended musical structures and intricate instrumental patterns and textures of the genre known as progressive rock. The often esoteric subject matter and frequent concept albums known to this genre created a new breed of rock music.

I'm not trying to get you to like progressive rock, just trying to help you understand why I like it.

So what's my point?

Yes, we all are biased in one way or another in what we believe. But that does not mean we can not present a logical and civil case for the basis of our beliefs. I am more than happy to talk to anyone about politics or religion, and enjoy hearing philosophical arguments. Where these conversations go bad is when A) it becomes personal in that my way is the only way and anyone who does not believe in my way must be an idiot or B) it becomes a sales pitch to convert you to my point of view.